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Powders and granulates are handled in all industries. Due to automation and refinement of production processes, the conveyor technology becomes more of a focus. While in the past it was still acceptable to transfer and transport powder “by hand”, today this is no longer acceptable. In the past one accepted leaky, failure-prone and hard-to-clean screw-conveyors, today one is looking for safe and efficient conveying methods. Therefore, vacuum conveyors from Volkmann increasingly replace unreliable, mechanical conveyors. The conveying process should be integrated harmoniously into the process chain. With vacuum conveying, unnecessary “stress” on the goods to be conveyed can be avoided since they are not mechanically squashed, ground or heated.

The high possible vacuum of the Multijector jet pumps allows dilute phase and plug conveying and provides particularly gentle transfer of material in the conveyor and pipe. This versatility is an outstanding feature, vacuum conveyors are to be found both in waste management (e.g. waste to fuel) and also in the nuclear industry (e.g. in the production of fuel elements). Vacuum conveyors and vacuum pumps from Volkmann are even used in the battery and semiconductor production and on submarines.


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