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Food Industry

Ideas And Solutions For The Food Industry

Material transfer by our hygienic and sanitary systems with few mechanical contact parts, combined with our conveyors’ compact and modular design contributes to safe processes, increased productivity and efficiency. The demands from the markets increase (e.g. related to food allergies, kosher food, halal food). The conveyed material remains uncontaminated and pure. Good reasons, that Volkmann’s Vacuum Conveyors are the preferred choice in more and more food related applications. For powder mixtures „á la Carte“, too.

Solutions for the food processing industry

The VS conveyor family fits perfectly with the requirements in the food industry: Modular design can be adapted for a variety of different bulk materials (from fine powdered sugar to roughly cut small pieces of ham). It is simple and can be disassembled without tools making cleaning and product changeover particularly user-friendly.

Most food ingredients are of organic origin and therefore flammable as they can form explosive dust. Volkmann vacuum conveyors are ATEX certified. Even substances with low minimum ignition energy such as maltodextrin or cornflour are transported reliably, efficiently and safely.

In the food industry, mechanical conveying systems are often replaced because they are no longer able to meet the increased requirements for transportation.

Some examples of VS vacuum conveyors used in the food industry:

  • Emptying and loading of bagged goods
  • Emptying (and filling) of big bags, material loading in combination with security sieving and metal detection
  • Mixer loading (product feeding to mixers)
  • Product supply to filling systems and packing machines
  • Material replenishment to sprinkling systems
  • Return feed and recovery of excess sprinkled material
  • Dust extraction and return during packing (re-work)
  • Product supply for dosing devices (volumetric/gravimetric)
  • Recycling
  • Kneader feeding
  • Silo filling

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