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Product Loading Stations

For emptying sacks, big bags, drums, containers or IBCs and other containers, and for feeding the powder, granulate or other bulk materials into a vacuum conveyor system, we offer appropriate product feeding stations. Efficient handling, safe and complete emptying of the container, trouble-free product entry into the conveying system and the avoidance of dust emissions are essential requirements for these stations.

Bag Rip-And-Tip Dump Stations: Bags and sacks can be efficiently opened, emptied, and fed to a conveying process in a bag feeding station. Additional dust hoods and suction units protect the operator from dusts.

 In a big bag emptying station, bulk material is fed from a big bag into a vacuum conveyor system. An integrated hoist (option) facilitates lifting the big bag into the station.

Drum emptying systems enable the gentle and clean emptying of bulk material from drums. The product is sucked off by a suction lance and fed to a vacuum conveyor system.

IBC Docking And Discharge Stations: The handling and emptying of transport containers or IBCs into a vacuum conveying system can be done very efficiently by means of an IBC sending station or docking station.

Containment for product loading: In the case of toxic or highly active substances, a containment solution can be used to protect operators and the environment from dusts generated during the emptying of transport containers.

Lump Breakers: Product feed stations can be equipped with a lump breaker to break up agglomerates, lumps and clumps in the material being conveyed.

Our loading stations, when combined with a conveying system, allows an easy and efficient addition of bulk materials into production processes.

Load products such as powders and granulated materials directly from barrels, drums, bags, special bins, and containers, even with plastic liners. Combine our units with process control systems which can integrate with remote controls and monitoring systems. All levels, alarms, and error messages, as well as other required information, can be transmitted for evaluation and monitoring.

Utilise our experience and knowledge and ask us for our solutions on how to pick up and convey the materials within your production process, for example for emptying bags and special bins, Big-Bags, Silos etc.


  • Dust-free material handling
  • Product aeration and loading with full control
  • Avoid the difficult manual handling of all sorts of bulk materials packed in drums, sacks, and other containers
  • Reduce health risks in the workplace
  • Protect the environment from hazardous materials
  • Increase the quality of your final products and the working environment

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