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Closed Powder Loop: EOS edition – made by Volkmann

Closed Powder Loop: EOS edition – made by Volkmann

With the EOS Edition of Volkmann products, you get a powder handling system that is perfectly matched to the EOS M 290, EOS M 300 and EOS M 400 series 3D printers. In close cooperation with EOS, VOLKMANN’s proven systems and solutions have been adapted and optimized for the EOS 3D printers.

VOLKMANN provides you with an integrated solution for handling and processing metal AM materials for both pre- and post-processing: from simple powder preparation to a closed, fully automatic powder cycle. The Volkmann – EOS edition devices and systems are sold exclusively by EOS.

Anlagenskalierung Pulverhandling EOS M 400
Fully automatic powder handling in a closed circuit with up to six EOS M 400s. Powder preparation with a PowTReX EOS edition and two vHub 250s for buffering the metal powder.

A fully automated closed powder handling loop can be implemented for a production cell of up to six 3D printers. Such systems can be scaled gradually, either by integrating additional 3D printers or by retrofitting existing 3D printers. The user benefits from this partnership through a comprehensive system for 3D printing and powder handling from a single source – from project planning to commissioning, for the entire life cycle of the system and for service.
The following modular devices can be combined to form a complete powder handling system:

PowTReX – EOS edition

Vacuuming, cleaning and filling powder: three functions compactly combined in one device

The PowTReX series allows efficient processing and sieving of used metal powder. The integrated vacuum conveyor feeds the powder directly from the 3D printer build frame.

The integrated screen removes impurities from the metal powder. Fused powder agglomerates and even larger fragments are reliably separated. Optimized dosing of the powder onto the sieve in combination with mechanical and ultrasonic vibration results in a high throughput.

More than 100 PowTReX systems are in daily use in the AM industry – with all common metal powders.

vHub 250 – EOS edition

The vHub can be used as a powder reservoir for various material handling tasks. It can quickly transfer large quantities of powder from an unpacking station or setup station. The vHub can also be used as a powder reservoir for automatic loading of printers using the vLoader 250.

The vHub is filled with powder using an integrated vacuum conveyor. This vacuums the metal powder from an upstream station through a conveyor line up to 30 meters long.

The powder stored in the vHub is conveyed through a pipe or hose line to the downstream station, e.g. a PowTReX or vLoader 250.

vLoader 250 – EOS edition

The vLoader 250 automatically loads metal powder into an EOS Metal AM printer. This ensures a constant supply to the printer and protects the powder from environmental influences.

The vLoader draws metal powder through a pipe or hose line up to 30 meters long, with a PowTReX or vHub 250 as the supply source.

The powder fed into the vLoader is purged with an inert gas (e.g. argon or nitrogen) and then delivered to the printer.

To dry the powder, the vLoader can be optionally equipped with the vDryer module. Vacuum drying improves the flow properties of the powder and can have a positive effect on the quality of the printed component.

The vLoader 250 is installed on top of the 3D printer. Vibration dampers and flexible hose sleeves prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the printer.