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Pressure Resistant and Shock-Proof Vacuum Conveyors

With these Vacuum Conveyors, materials can be transferred directly into areas with positive pressure above atmospheric (for example directly into chemical reactors). These systems are available to operate within the pressure ranges of -1 to +6 bar or -1 to +10 bar). These conveyors are designed in accordance with the pressure-equipment-directive 97/23/EG with standard flanges diameter 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm.

pressure resistant vacuum conveyor

Besides the material transfer application and the resulting demands, the explosion prevention concept chosen by the customer and individual customer safety guidelines and requirements can make such pressure resistant and/or pressure-shock proof Vacuum Conveyor designs necessary.

Pressure resistant Vacuum Conveyors from Volkmann can be operated like “standard” Vacuum Conveyors and run with compressed air, aerating with filtered air from the material pickup point to convey the material. Optionally, the pressure resistant conveyors are available in Volkmann’s INEX design which purges the separator and material with inert gas (Nitrogen), to lower the Oxygen content inside the conveyor before discharging the transported material into the process.

Pressure resistant Vacuum Conveyors from Volkmann meet your safety requirements in every respect and offer you safe bulk material handling.

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