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Practical examples

Feeding of a tubular bag filling machine

in the pharmaceutical industry. The substances previously added with a container tended to segregate. The problem was solved by a vacuum conveyor with only small batches added per single cycle.

Conveying of cereals

Conveying of cereals (breakfast cereals) from big bags into a filling system. Replacement of mechanical belt and bucket conveyors for improved hygiene and to avoid cross-contamination.

Changeover of the filling of stirring vessels

Changeover of the filling of stirring vessels in the food production from open topped roller bins with lifting and swivelling mechanism to vacuum conveyors. Fruit and vegetables are processed and cooked and then transported in a closed system by means of vacuum conveyors. Hygiene, cleaning and handling were considerably improved. The problem of moving other unusual ingredients (e.g. of small boiled potato pieces) was solved by the vacuum conveyors.

Conveying of baking powder and baking ingredients

Conveying of baking powder and baking ingredients with vacuum conveyor, mixer loading . Despite a low installation space, the mixer placed directly below the silo could be fed by a special Volkmann vacuum conveyor and provided 1.5 t/h of material.

Conveying of chemicals (construction chemistry)

Conveying of chemicals (construction chemistry). The challenge was the comparatively high discharge height (ca. 20 m) for fine and lightweight material (5 micrometres, bulk density 0.1 kg/l). Through intensified filter cleaning and special conveying air conditioning, the conveyor output of up to 1 t/h of material was reliably achieved – to the delight of the customer, complex pressure conveying could be avoided.

Conveying of a refrigerated product in the chemical industry

Vacuum conveyors, feed container and conveyor pipeline were specially designed and constructed by Volkmann, met the customer specifications concerning heat insulation.

Conveying of pigments in the printing ink industry

Maintaining the inertisation in the process vessels by means of double flap air lock and special inertisation process. The problem of the previously practised open process with rising vapours and the danger to employees during open manual addition of substances was reliably solved.

Continuous vacuum conveyor (tandem system)

The highly bridging and light material could be transported by this special solution process reliably, safely and gently and provide large conveying volumes.

Conveying of toxic substances

Conveying of toxic substances (arsenic) in an automated closed process. The previous manual transfer was replaced by an automated system with special exhaust air treatment. With the Volkmann solution, the required personal protective equipment at the workplace could be radically reduced and the production safety could be increased.

Conveying of active substances

Conveying of active substances (anti-cancer drugs) in the pharmaceutical production. WIP and high containment problems were solved. The vacuum conveyor was specially designed by Volkmann and manufactured with WIP function (washing and wetting of the surfaces in the installed state) and seals/joints which allow the application in an OEB 4 environment. Filling of IBC containers in a closed system.

Conveying of highly ignitable brown and black coal dusts

Conveying of highly ignitable brown and black coal dusts within a pilot/test plant for liquidising coal. Volkmann found a safe working solution for the outdoor installation and solved the special explosion protection requirements of the customer. The ATEX certified Volkmann systems move these critical substances reliably at any time of year.

Vacuum conveyor for metal powder

The problem of transporting heavy and highly abrasive metal powders that are processed in a recycling company was solved. The specially constructed vacuum conveyor allows the transport of powders with a bulk density of 10 kg/l. In other applications, the transport of, for example, uranium oxide with a bulk density of 13 kg/l was achieved.

Conveying of extremely fine metal pigments

Conveying of extremely fine metal pigments for the cosmetics industry. The system was specially tailored for the challenging material and its creep behaviour through connecting seals.

Specially tailored vacuum conveyor

Specially tailored vacuum conveyor with dosing and recipe control. The Volkmann system collects materials from any one of 12 pick up containers and fills the ingredients into a feed container.

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