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INEX Vacuum Conveyors

Vacuum Conveyors with Inerting function: Volkmann INEX. Volkmann INEX Vacuum Conveyors provide safe loading of bulk materials into hazardous areas, particular in the Chemical and Pharma Industries, where the loading of powders into reactors and stirring vessels is required. INEX systems can be used inside all gas explosion and dust explosion zones.

INEX Vakuumförderer
INEX Vacuum Conveyor

Initially material is sucked into the separator of the INEX system. Before the material is discharged, the transportation line is closed and the INEX system is set under vacuum. Then, the material inside the INEX system is aerated with inert gas (for example Nitrogen) from the bottom and then released through the systems discharge valve. The concentration of Oxygen during discharge typically is below 7% or limited to such a value to not compromise the inert feed of the system.

For the conveying of hybrid mixtures, where the transfer of powders containing solvents, the entire vacuum transportation process with an INEX Vacuum Conveying system takes place under inert atmosphere.

Volkmann INEX Vacuum Conveyors for hazardous applications and Explosion Zones:
  • free of ignition sources
  • operate completely pneumatic without electricity
  • completely electrically conductive design
  • small interior filling volumes
  • low transportation speeds
  • no heat produced
  • no hot surfaces
  • no rotary parts
  • easy to control and to operate.

Volkmann provides profound expertise and support for all hazardous applications relying on our experience and knowledge. All systems have been designed for the specific demands of hazardous applications.

All VOLKMANN vacuum conveyors in the following series: INEX-VS, INEX-PPC and INEX-Pressure rated are certified according to directive 94/9/EG (ATEX Directive).

EC-type examination certificate No. TÜV 03 ATEX 7017 X 1rd. supplement.
For safe operation special terms/conditions apply.

[Ex] II (1) G D (delivery) and [Ex] II (1) D (2) G (loading)
[Ex] II 2 G D c Tx (Tx in °C).

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